Can you be a wine lover and still live a healthy lifestyle? With absolutely no intention of depriving myself of good food and wine. I’ve been finding out if it’s possible to drink wine healthily. In our previous article, we looked at low alcohol wines and organic wines. It’s now time to look at some case studies, to prove that wine is the key to a long and happy life.

The French Paradox

As a foodie and wine lover, it’s hard not to love French food and wine. Their food is decadent and flavoursome and their wines are arguably the best in the world. If you were to pick a downside of French cooking it would be that although it is almost always tasty, it’s rarely healthy. Their diet is heavy in high-fat foods, on top of that the average level of alcohol consumption is high. However, despite this, they have an exceptionally low level of heart disease and a long life expectancy. This is the French Paradox, how can a country with such an “unhealthy” lifestyle, be healthy. As with all big problems in life, wine could be the answer. Studies into this phenomenon have discovered that moderate drinkers are less likely to suffer heart attacks than abstainers or heavy drinkers, this is due to alcohol, which offers another great reason to give up on dry January.

Along with alcohol, there are many other nutrients in wine which have potential health benefits. Resveratrol is linked to life longevity and cancer prevention. Red wine is said to have high levels of resveratrol and after American TV show “60 minutes” ran an article on the effects of resveratrol in red wine, America’s demand for red wine skyrocketed. Polyphenols are also common in wine and said to aid human vascular cells. To put it slightly differently, red wine in moderation can be very good for you.

Sardinia and other “Blue Zones”.

Sardinia along with 4 other places (Including Greece and California) are “Blue Zones”, places in the world where the local population life considerably longer lives than the average. Considering 3 out of the 5 “blue zones” also produce wine, it has long been said there is a link between wine and life longevity. In Sardinia, the local red wine, Cannonau di Sardegna is widely enjoyed by the Sardinians themselves and accounts for one in every five bottles of wine made on the island. The locals there easily live into their 90s and in many cases till over 100. It is believed that the moderate consumption of wine (locals rarely have over 2 glasses per day) along with generations of active jobs like sheep herding have lead to a noticeably long lifespan for Sardinia’s residents.

In conclusion, a healthy life filled with good food and wine is not only possible, it seems to be recommended. So if you want to start of 2017 going exercise mad, then exercise moderation in your wine drinking. If you want to make a fun and enjoyable New Years resolution, learn about wine, so you can drink smartly and be a healthy wine lover.