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80% of our customers love our events & score them 5 out of 5.

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Our restaurant clients increase wine sales by £10,000 per year


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Welcome to The Wine Education Company

“I thought I knew quite a bit about wine, but I learnt loads from Duncan.”

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The Wine Education Company is a specialist in informed (but informal) wine education. Whether working with the general public or the hospitality industry we help people talk about wine with confidence and to develop their own wine language.

Hospitality Industry

At pubs restaurants and hotels we can increase sales, improve customer experience and make your business one of the best local dining venues. We offer a range of services for our clients with one thing in common – the results.

  • Extra wine sales – our consultancy clients are on track to earn £10,000 per year in extra wine sales.
  • Improved customer experience – Our clients sit higher on sites like Tripadvisor than non-clients.
  • Greater footfall – because of our events and promotions, our clients see an increase in footfall to their venues.

We have a number of vlogs and blogs for hospitality professionals to read. Alternatively, you can get in touch to book your free “Wine Sale Profit Booster”.

General Public

Our wine tasting events give people an environment to learn about wine in an informed but informal way. We’ve hosted a wide range of events in Hertfordshire and the surround counties from classic wine and cheese nights to blind wine tastings, as well as WSET qualification in wine. We run a wide range of events that the general public can attend. To find out more about this you can visit our events calendar.
Alternatively, you can look at hosting your own event. These work well for a wide range of events, especially corporate events, private parties and birthday parties for wine lovers. If you’re interested in booking us for a private event, please get in touch here.